1. Lookit this fuckin nerd. #crazycatlady


  2. haha remember that time I was on the news? that was weird.


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    "hairless cats are disgusting!"

    "hairy women are disgusting!" 


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  4. "African-American children with autism are being diagnosed almost two years later than children of any other ethnic group [in the United States], holding up their treatment, and in turn, their quality of life, according to research.

    When white children were misdiagnosed with autism they were usually told they had ADHD, but Mandell discovered that Black autistic children were told they had things like psychoses, mental retardation or selective mutism. This, along with the fear that Black parents have of reporting their child’s behavioral issues due to the fact that their children are removed from the home as a result more often, makes it hard for Black children with autism to get the treatment that they need."

    Black Children and Autism: The Difference Is Black and White (via genderblinditem)

    my first diagnosis was a psychotic disorder btw

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    see also: school to prison pipeline.

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  5. Goals

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    well would ya look at that


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  7. "That’s invading her rights as a person to decide whether or not she wants to get it done or not."

    Mother wants answers after teenage daughter’s armpits were shaved by teacher

    A fourteen year-old girl has her armpits forcibly shaved by a teacher, in front of other students. The teacher and school district defend it because the girl is developmentally disabled and needs to learn “independent living skills” (otherwise known, in this case, as why you must submit to gendered social norms at all times).

    And the justification is that the girl would be made fun of if she didn’t do it? Maybe you should change the behavior of the kids that are the bullies, not the kids being bullied. Because even if you forcibly shave her armpits, she’s still noticeably disabled, and that (in her case) can’t be hidden/normalized quite so easily.

    The message being sent here - and in so many of these programs - is “You’re being teased because you’re different, so try to be the same!” Rather than seeing the value in human difference and diversity.

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    This makes me so angry.

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    We all know that feeling, vending machine

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  10. ugh i wrote a blog post.