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    So I’m part of a print exchange and if you’re in Hali you should come to the opening/exhibition at Plan B co-op on Friday April 25th. There will be prints up from the JustSeeds Collective as well. Super awesome. I am so tired.


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    "There there, I’m sorry I scared you. *pats and kisses* you’re a good dog, good dog."

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    why dont these words rhyme

    but for some god forsaken reason pony and bologna do

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    The only thing that would make these secret room bookcases cooler is if you activate them by pulling out a special, secret book :)

    I refuse to NOT have one of these someday

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    16-year-old Liz was gang raped so brutally that she is now in a wheelchair. But instead of charging the attackers with a serious crime, the police got them to cut the grass, and then set them free! Women’s groups are calling on us to raise the alarm across the world to help get justice. Sign up to…

    reblogging again because y’all need to hop on this

    sign the petition here

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  6. Haha

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  7. grown-up meetings. Wine and book talk @thenookhfx, where you can have a great drink & buy our book! #beingagrownup


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    For all you kids worried that the choices you make at 18 determine the rest of your life, please keep in mind that Retta (Donna from Parks and Rec) is a Duke-trained chemist who spent her 20s making HIV medication.

    is there anything Retta cannot do???


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    Bisexual as attraction to men and women is a heteronormative definition. 

    Bisexual as attraction to same and different genders is the bisexual communities definition

    When queer people say that bisexual reinforces a gender binary, tell them they sound like straight people. 

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    Bryan Fischer, Asshole of the Day for April 17, 2014

    by TeaPartyCat ()

    Bryan Fischer is an asshole. He has been featured on this site many, many times, and has been named Asshole of the Day five times prior to today. Usually though we feature him for his hatred of gays, which is so awful that the Southern Poverty Law Center designated the American Family Association where Fishcer works as a hate group. Yeah.

    But Bryan Fischer is more than just a bigot. He can be offensive on many conservative topics, including income inequality. After discussing that the top 1% pay 30% of all federal taxes, Fischer told listeners that the poor ought to kiss the ground that the rich walk on:

    the poor and middle class families in this country “ought to be kissing the ground on which [the rich] walk” because it is the top 1% that is paying for EBT cards and food stamps and federal housing.

    The rich, Fischer asserted “ought to be given ticker tape parades once a week in all of our major cities to thank them for funding welfare for everybody”

    Now of course Fischer doesn’t discuss how the top 1% got all that income— was it by manipulating laws to favor them, creating monopolies to raise prices, inheritance, spending $400 million on an election, or any of that other stuff. He’s not interested in that.

    Fischer portrays himself and his conservative beliefs as traditional and Christian. And he has studied religion extensively:

    Fischer has an undergraduate degree in philosophy from Stanford University, and holds a graduate degree in theology from Dallas Theological Seminary. Fischer served at the Cole Community Church in Boise, Idaho and founded the Cole Center for Biblical Studies and was the church’s director for thirteen years. Fischer then founded Community Church of the Valley and was senior pastor for twelve years. Before joining the board of directors of American Family Association, Fischer was also executive director of Idaho Values Alliance.

    In 2004, he co-founded the Keep the Commandments Coalition, a group dedicated to keeping a Ten Commandments monument in Julia Davis Park in Boise. From 2000 to 2005, he served as a commissioner for the city’s Park and Recreation Department.

    But apparently when doing all that Bible study, Fischer missed the parts where Jesus praised the poor and vilified the rich.

    The suggestion that the poor should kiss the ground the rich walk on should be offensive to any Christian. And that Fischer represents himself as a Christian and has studied the Bible extensively and says this, only makes it more offensive. So, for turning Jesus’ own worldview of rich and poor upside down to give comfort to the rich, Bryan Fischer is the Asshole of the Day.

    It is Bryan Fischer’s 6th time being named Asshole of the Day. Previous wins were for saying

    Full story: Right Wing Watch

    Ima be pissed if this reblogs as a link

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